Sliding Barn doors aren’t just trendy, they’re accessible

August 13, 2021

For the past few years, sliding barn doors have been all the rage. Whether you are browsing Pinterest or watching your favorite home reno show, sliding barn doors are adding charm to every room. And do you know what the best part about sliding barn doors are? They're not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also incredibly functional for accessibility.

Visual Appeal

Sliding Barn doors will add a sense of sophistication to every home, no matter your style. For instance, the popular rustic farm interior designs are defined by the natural wood and metal look of the barn door, whereas modern styles look sleek and clean with painted solid colors, clean lines, and hidden hardware. Even if you prefer a more traditional style, the deep wood colors of a barn door creates a warm, cozy atmosphere.

In addition to the design style, sliding barn doors can also be an effective way to partition open spaces. Many homes today have open concept kitchen and living room, connected by a wide opening. The sliding barn door provides the flexibility to close off spaces to create a more formal look, or in smaller studio spaces, barn doors can seperate spaces to create dedicated living and sleeping areas.

And sliding barn doors aren't going out of style any time soon. Some studies show homes with sliding barn doors are in higher demand and it is expected that an addition of a sliding barn door will only increase the overall value of the home.


Traditional swinging doors can prove challenging where space is limited. The outward swing of the traditional door can become hard to navigate with a wheelchair or walker for both opening and closing doors. Not to mention, the added cost of installing or retrofitting these doors to meet the Canadian Disability association (CDA) standards for accessibility.

Pocket doors may alleviate the challenges of the traditional swinging doors but they are known for falling off their tracks, having a floor threshold, being difficult to move, and having finicky locks. They also can be costly and can be difficult to retrofit into the existing walls.

Sliding barn doors provide a practical solution and generally fit the bill to CDA standards. Because they move along the wall, slide doors allow for access to the total width and height of the doorway. In addition to meeting clearance requirements, sliding barn doors also require no floor thresholds. The door handles and latches can be customized to meet individual needs and new technology is providing soft close options. The hardware for sliding barn doors is designed to carry the weight of the door, therefore the majority of the weight is removed from the person opening and closing the door. The cost of sliding barn doors will range from high to low depending on the choice of door and hardware, but the accessibility and functionality are definitely worth considering if this option is for you.


No matter your decor, there is an abundance of sliding barn doors that are appealing and accessible. If you're looking to add one to your home, please consider the following:

Quality Hardware

Consider high quality hardware that is durable, moves smoothly and quietly, and is aesthetically pleasing. The extra cost will be worth it in the long run.

The Right Space

Make sure the wall has no light switches, outlets, vents, or artwork that might obstruct the door or scratch it as it slides open.

Handles and Latches

There are many beautiful options for handles or pulls to let you slide the door open and shut easily. If your barn door is the entry to a bathroom or bedroom, be sure to add a latch that is accessible and provides privacy.

Research New Technology

New Soft Close technology ensures a soft and careful close every time. The Soft Close feature will not slam, and this protects both the door and the door frame from damage.

Consult with a professional contractor

It is best to partner with a professional home renovation contractor who is knowledgeable in CSA standards for doors, hardware and fire regulations. Also, a contractor will provide you with the best advice on suitable hardware and structural requirements for your home.

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