Frequently Asked Questions

Does E Street Property have a home that my agency can rent?

Potentially yes. We do have homes in most provinces, however it would be based on availability. Alternatively, E Street Property can purchase a home to your liking and rent the property back to your agency.

Where in Canada do you operate?

E Street Property focuses its four pillars of service in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Maritimes. Please fill out the "Contact Us" form and we will schedule a call with you to understand your needs.

How long can I rent the home for?

Ideally, we don’t want you to move out. Therefore, we are in favour of creating long term leases as we ultimately approach purchasing property as “forever homes” for your clients.

My client is in a wheelchair. Can you build wheelchair ramps and/or install mechanical lifts?

Yes, we have multiple homes with wheelchair ramps we installed along with mechanical lifts.

My community requires sprinklering to meet licensing requirements. Is this something you would install?

Of course. E Street Property will renovate the home according to needs of your clients, adhering to local building code standards while meeting the needs of your licencing requirements.

How much is the rent?

Rent is calculated based on what we pay for a property, along with a consistent formula we use Canada wide. Once we’ve identified your specific housing needs, we will be better suited to provide an estimated rent calculation prior to buying the new home.

Do you offer rent to own scenarios for properties we leased from E Street Property?

Yes, we can work collaboratively to come up with a solution that is equitable for both parties.

If the home requires a renovation, who manages the construction and pays for the job?

E Street Property will manage the entire renovation and pay the contractor. The cost is then amortized back to you by way of a tenant improvement loan to be paid off over the course of the lease. Alternatively, you could pay for the renovation in full at completion.

We have constant maintenance & repairs needed at any existing property we own or rent. Can E Street Property assist us with find reputable, dependable vendors to complete the work?

Absolutely! We have a network of hardworking, reliable and fairly priced trades people that will attend to your needs. E Street Property will then manage the job to ensure it is completed in a timely manner and to your satisfaction.

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